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What does SCROG (Sea of Green) Mean?

SCROG, or a screened sea of green, is a growing method that uses multiple layers of trellis to create a final canopy that is both dense and even. Unlike traditional SOG (Sea of Green) that uses higher plant counts, SCROG is an ideal cultivation technique to use when plant counts are limited.

indoor cannabis grow trellisSCROG trellis layers

Always make sure your canopy dimensions match the correct footprint of the grow light you’re using. This can be anywhere from 3’x3’ to 5’x5’ for a single fixture. Use sturdy posts to hold layers of small-square trellis over sections of your growing area. Make sure the trellised sections you create are manageable in size and allow you to move and access all of the plants for the entire growing cycle. Anything more than 5 feet wide is too much. The more layers of trellis you use in each sections you make, the better your end results are going to be.

SCROG canopy trellis

Get all of the layers of the trellis setup early. Use the first layer starting in mid to late veg. Lightly top the plants and send quickly growing vertical branches horizontal. By doing this, lower growth will develop quickly and the canopy will stay low and fill in quicker. SCROG is a wonderful cultivation technique for achieving higher yields in low plant count situations. The earlier you setup your trellis and begin training, the easier the whole rest of the growing process will be.

Updated on November 11, 2019

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