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How do you Harvest Cannabis?

The most efficient way to harvest cannabis is:

  • Cut the plant down into easy to work with branches (not too big or too small). Before making the cut, make sure the branch has a good way to hang on to something. Lateral branches off the main stem work great for hooks.

cannabis harvest trim branchcannabis branch harvest trim

  • Make piles of freshly cut branches and put them on or in something that is clean. Remove all the fan leaves from these branches within an hours time. If you wait too long, the leaves and stems will become rubbery and removing them is much more frustrating and time consuming.
  • Once the fan leaves are removed, use a pair of scissors to quickly shape and trim any of the other leaves that have no visual signs of THC or CBD.

rough trimmed cannabis flowers harvest dryingrough trimmed harvest cannabis flower

  • Take these roughly shaped flowers and branches and hook them on to a clothes hanger to dry. Pull strings or ropes across your drying area to support the clothes hangers.

cannabis drying clothes hangers

  • Keep the relative humidity between 40-50% for the first couple days of the drying process. A dehumidifier will be necessary if you’re drying in a humid environment. When the outside of the flowers start feeling dry to the touch, increase the humidity in the drying area to 55-60% and wait another couple days.
  • We want the cannabis to be dry to the touch but still slightly spongy when pinched. This process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days. Once dry, the flowers are cut from the stems and put into air tight containers.
  • As time permits, your cannabis flowers will need a final trim. The trim that comes from this process will be high in THC and or CBD. Keep this valuable trim and use it for things like extracts, cooking or even smoking.

final trim dry cured cannabissugar leaf cannabis trim


  • Once the final trim is done, place the flowers back into an airtight container for long term storage.

air tight container mason jar cannabisturkey bag dry cure cannabis


Tips for Harvesting Cannabis:

  • Cannabis flowers are a sponge for humidity and moisture. A proper dry brings the overall moisture content of the flower down to 6-9%, without ever going below that. Once the moisture content is between 6-9%, the idea is to keep the flower at that level for its entire stored life. This is done with a proper air tight container that traps the moisture inside.
  • If you store the dried cannabis in an airtight container and it starts to feel too wet, open and close the container every couple hours and release the trapped humid air into the environment. If the flower is too dry, moisture can be added back by placing a humidity pack or lightly damp (not wet) paper towel/sponge in the air tight container with the flower.
Updated on November 11, 2019

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