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How do I Grow Cannabis Outdoors?

To grow cannabis outdoors, you need an area of your property that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day. While plants can be put directly in the ground or in a raised bed, a 20 to 200 gallon pot is a much better way to grow outdoors. Make sure to build something that can elevate a few of your pots a couple inches off the ground. A pallet is one way to do it and if you’re handy, I’m sure you can think of something even better. By elevating some of the plants, we can collect runoff samples and get a better insight into what the root zone looks like throughout the entire growing cycle. Use the Perfect Grower runoff chart below as well as the visual health of the plants to make the proper adjustments for your next feeding.


outdoor cannabis growoutdoor cannabis grow plants


When growing outdoors, your plants will be at the mercy of anything and everything – hot temperatures, hail, rain, strong winds, animals, insects and straight bad luck. Things like fencing, safe pesticides, posts, trellis, caging and plastic tarps are a growers’ best friend! Every year you grow you will learn something new, so get buckled up and enjoy the ride!


outdoor cannabis grow tarp greenhouse


Updated on November 11, 2019

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