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Do I have Nutrient Burn and what should I do?

Nutrient burn is a sign that your plants don’t have access to enough water to fully transpire (breathe). If you see signs of nutrient burn, chances are your substrate EC/PPM is probably a lot higher than it should be. Check the runoff of your next nutrient feeding and see how close it is to what you’re feeding. If the EC of the runoff is considerably higher, you need to give the plants access to more water. On your next scheduled feeding, dilute the substrate down with a lower EC or water-only solution. Use the runoff chart below as a reference guide:


nutrient burn cannabis high EC

nutrient burn cannabis leaves yellow and brown edges


If you check your runoff and find out that you have experienced nutrient burn, it’s important to limit other things that can bring additional stress to the plants. During this time, don’t excessively prune or foliar spray with anything but “maybe” water. The best thing to do in this situation is dilute the substrate down and give the plants some needed time to recover. Make sure the VPD levels in the growing environment are in the green zone below for the quickest recovery:

Updated on November 11, 2019

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