We are Easier

Say goodbye to liquids and hello to powders. Liquid nutrients are a thing of the past!

Pick the nutrient line that works for you - a simple 1-part, an injectable 3-part or a customizable 4-part.

Each line is nutritionally complete, pH balanced and properly fomulated to optimize plant health, maximize quality and increase yields.

No expensive boosters, supplements, additives, enzymes or microbes are needed with any of our lines.

We are Smarter

We've enhanced the science, simplified the process and eliminated the guess work.

Use our custom feeding charts to adjust for different water sources, genetics, mediums and lighting.

We are the experts - we know the science, we know cultivation and we are always available to answer your questions.

We are Better

Premium ingredients, direct pricing and full support from start to finish - it doesn't get any better than that.

Our new foliar product comes free with every order!

No sales tax, multiple payment options and discreet priority shipping to any address in the United States.

Choose Your Nutrient Line

1 Parts
3 Part
4 Part

Do you want simple?

Here it is! One Powder for Veg
One Powder for Bloom

Our 1-part powders are a homogenous, pH-balanced blend of 13 different ingredients. One powder for veg, one powder for bloom - it's that easy.

Just mix between 6 and 9 grams of powder per one gallon of water and you are ready to feed! Each 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) bag will make approximately 140 gallons of ready to use nutrient solution.

Our one-parts need no boosters, additives, supplements, enzymes or microbes. These two products were formulated to work with any clean water source and every medium - including coco!

Have Injectors or Dosatrons?

Make liquid concentrates on demand with our 3-Part Line

Mix our powders with RO water and make liquid concentrates on-demand. We can customize concentration levels and injector ratios using our interactive feeding charts.

No more storing liquid nutrients that can easily spoil or fall out of solution with time and temperature.

Need a 2-Part Line?

Not a problem. Our feeding charts will use Grow and combine Micro and Bloom to make a simple 2-part (A&B) injector line.

Want customization and flexibility?

Our 4-Part Line is what you need.

With our 4-part line you have complete control over Nitrogen, Calcium, Iron and Potassium.

This control allows us to adjust nutrient levels for different growth stages, water sources, mediums, genetics and lightings.

Answer a few simple questions about how you grow and our system will create a custom feeding chart specific to your garden. From there, you can monitor and adjust your feeding schedule week by week.

Use our recommendations or experiment on your own - the freedom is yours. If at any point you need help making adjustments, our experts are here to help!